Tooth Fillings

Is one or more of your teeth causing you pain or discomfort? Do you think you have a cavity? At Volterra Dental, we can repair the damage with composite, tooth-colored fillings so no one will know. Call our Los Alamitos, CA dental office today – 562-735-2363 – to relieve your pain and protect your teeth.

Why Do Teeth Suffer From Tooth Decay?

Harmful bacteria that feed off food particles in your mouth secrete an acid that slowly erodes the enamel on your teeth. This creates areas of damage called tooth decay or cavities. The key to preventing cavities is proper dental hygiene at home and regular dental cleanings by our Los Alamitos, CA dentists.

Is A Tooth Filling Painful?

Thankfully, all the nerve endings in your tooth are inside the pulp and not the enamel, so you should feel close to nothing during your filling treatment. In some cases, we may use:

Do You Use Metal Fillings?

Many dentists still use metal fillings, but most people don’t want metal showing when they smile. At Volterra Dental, we use tooth-colored, composite fillings that are free of metal (including toxic mercury) to repair the damage done by tooth decay.

When Is A Filling Better Than A Dental Crown?

As a rule, Dr. Laos and Dr. Yoshikane try to use the simplest, least invasive treatment that can correct the problem. Depending on the size of your cavity, we can use composite fillings or dental crowns to repair the damage.

  • If the cavity is quite large, the tooth might not be strong enough to support a composite filling, and a dental crown is needed.
  • But if the cavity is on the smaller side, a filling is normally the better option.

Let the experts repair your minor tooth decay with a discreet filling. For your next appointment to fill a cavity, call Volterra Dental today at 562-735-2363 or use our online form.