Teeth Whitening Tips for a Gleaming White Smile

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Who does not want a Hollywood smile? Regardless of age or race, most people want a picture-perfect smile. Unfortunately, having a radiant, sparkling smile is not something everybody is born with. Stains and other teeth imperfections can deny you the confidence to smile as much as you want. Fortunately, the good news is that you can get a gleaming white smile in Los Alamitos, California, with professional teeth whitening. But before considering teeth whitening, here are tips to enable you to get the most from the procedure.

Avoid causes of stained teeth

The first tip to sustainable teeth whitening effects is to avoid stain-causing substances in the first place. Below are the main causes of teeth discoloration:

  • Extrinsic: Stains on the teeth are caused by factors occurring on the surface of the teeth. Factors leading to this include foods and beverages like coffee and wine. Besides, tobacco use, poor oral hygiene, and certain medications may lead to teeth color change.
  • Intrinsic: These are factors that occur inside the teeth. Causes include trauma, genetics, excessive fluoride intake, and aging.

Whether your teeth discoloration cause is intrinsic or extrinsic, you can get relief from Volterra Dental. When you visit us, Dr. Richard Blackburn will restore your smile with safe teeth whitening.

Other teeth whitening tips

Because you want pearly whites, you may have found many solutions on the internet. Unfortunately, trying everything you read online can lead to catastrophic results. That said, here are tips to follow when considering teeth whitening.

  • Toothpaste does not do the trick: While you have seen adverts for toothpaste that can whiten your teeth, it may not work for long. Most kinds of toothpaste and DIY teeth whitening products only change the exterior color of the teeth, providing a Band-Aid solution. If you want a long-lasting teeth whitening solution, visiting a dentist is the only way out.
  • Let a dentist do it: While you may feel the urge to do the bleaching at home or in a salon, for safety and guaranteed results, leave the procedure to a trained dentist. Professionals use safe and strong bleaching products, and they can tailor-make your teeth brightness to your liking.
  • You need a dental checkup first: Before undertaking the teeth whitening procedure, taking a dental exam is vital to ensure that your mouth is healthy. Dental issues like teeth sensitivity, cavities, and gum diseases need to be addressed before bleaching.

Teeth whitening services near me

Would you like a perfect white smile? Please contact (562) 501-3188 to schedule an appointment with Volterra Dental of Los Alamitos, California.

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